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These are white small and large plastic Disposable Combs in Bulk which can be used and dispose anywhere whether you are travelling, Camping, Hospital, School, Hairstyling etc.

These plastic combs can be use in  Hotel, Nursing Homes, given as charity or any other humanitarian need.

We provide this comb in White color and can also manufacture Black, Pink, Blue as needed.


We are offering these plastic Disposable Hair Combs in two sizes: 
Large and Small and sell them in packs of 20, 50, 100 Packs.

Let your well combed hair give you the Elegant look everywhere you go.

  • Two Sizes:  These Disposable Plastic Combs are in SMALL and LARGE
  • Multiple Packaging:  These  disposable plastic combs are provided in in sets of 20 Packs, 50 Packs and 100 Packs. Each plastic comb is for hair use and is brand new clean and ready to use. 
  • Charitable Options: We have design this comb primarily for Charity Care and Gift Giving in mind. We believe these Combs will server Families and people in Hotels, Shelter Homes, Nursing Homes, Children's Homes, Women's Shelter Homes, Temporal Shelter Homes, Churches, etc. So please feel free to use these Combs for any humanitarian purpose as you see fit.
  • Portability: Each comb measures about 16.5cm/6.5 inches in length. Each Comb is extremely light weighing about 10g/0.02lbs. These Combs can be carried in your pocket and very good for travel. They can pass through TSA security with no issue and can fit into any travelling bag size on a business trip or just get away trips.  Look Elegant and cool everywhere you go with these combs.
  • Comfortable & Sturdy:  These Disposable combs have been designed with very smooth fine tooth to remain sturdy while providing no discomfort during use. The Comb material is plastic material, safe, disposable, not easy to break or crack, and very environmental friendly.
  • Warranty: These Disposable Hair  combs are sold with a year warranty and you can easily return them for a easy, immediate and full refund.

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