Empty Glass Spray Bottles for Cleaning Solutions (2PACK)

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These are very easy-to-use durable glass spray bottles in Amber, Blue, and transparent colors. Ther come in 16oz or 8oz set of 2. These durable bottles come with adjustable spray nozzles to provide an excellent mist. These bottles are UV-free with a solid lid that prevents leaks, odors. You can use these bottles to make your own liquid use for spraying plants, washing soap, air refresher, Bug spray, plant spray. Why not use reusable glass bottles which protect the environment and also save your money. Imagine buying bottles, plastic soap bottles every month when you could just buy or make and use your washing detergent liquid with these durable and clean-looking bottles. We offer a lifetime warranty on these bottles. Feel free to return them at any time if it doesn't work for you.

FINE MIST SPRAY BOTTLES – These spray bottles come in Amber, Blue, and Clear and are the perfect addition to your gardening, laundry, and saloon cleaning solution kit.  The Amber glass spray bottles provide UV protection to any liquid. 
USE AND USE AGAIN – We care a lot about our environment so we decide to make spray bottles that are naturally reusable multiple times.    You can very easily refill these bottles with any liquid to make your day-to-day life easier.  The bottles are sizable enough and also portable so you can put just the right amount of liquid you need for spraying. When you are done, just remove the mist spray and cork with the lid cover that comes with it.
SAFE & NON-MESSY – This glass bottle protects both you and the environment from using plastics. The glass used in making these bottles is reusable instead of plastic bottles which degrade our environment.

MULTIPLE USE CASE:  – These glass spray bottles can be used as essential oil spray bottles for cooking, water spray bottles for gardening, cleaning solution spray bottles, saloon shampoo spray bottles, medical laboratory spray bottles as they are handy, produce a fine mist, and have an extra lid for safe keep.

WARRANTY:   – These Glass spray bottles are durable and we know they do we are willing to provide a lifetime warranty and ask that you return the bottles if they don't meet your needs at any point in time.

Customer Reviews

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Works Perfect - Just as described!

I use this product for liquid bleach and the plastic spray bottles just didn't hold up. So far this bottle has been terrific. Does both a spray and a stream. Nozzle is easy to adjust. I would order again.

Excellent Amber Glass Spray Bottles

These amber glass spray bottles are perfect for DIY cleaning products. I use these bottles specifically for mixing essential oils and other all-natural ingredients to create safe and family-friendly all-purpose cleaning products. I really like the fact that they are made with amber glass so that the all-natural ingredients I mix in these bottles don't degrade as quickly as with a clear bottle. Thank you Sally's Organics for providing excellent quality products for affordable prices so that I can make my home cleaner and safer.

Robust spray action. Quality product.

Well made. The spray action is very robust. Quality product. I like how it’s glass instead of plastic. It comes in a very sturdy packaged box. If I needed more of these I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

Nice spray bottles

I'm using these for homemade cleaning products and so far they seem to be working great. You can set the sprayer to work as a mist or stream or shut off. The sprayers seem to be of great quality and work very well. The dark bottle is nice if you're using essential oils or anything that will break down due to light. I bought glass sprayers because I wanted bottles that would last a long time, unlike plastic which breaks down eventually. Very happy with the quality of these bottles and the seller Sally's Organics seem to care about their customers and service.

Purchase the Amber Glass Spray Bottles and you will not regret it.

When opening the box for the first time you can really see the quality of the bottles. Both of the bottles look very high quality and plus I really enjoy that these bottles are 8 ounces which you don't have to constantly refill. The bottle comes with two spraying options either mist or streams both spray perfectly and I haven't had an issue when I brought it three months ago. I searched everywhere on Amazon for the best spray bottle I ultimately decided this was the best pick at a great price and I haven't regretted buying it since then.

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