Dimmable Warm White Multifunctional Rechargeable Night Light for Kids Bedroom

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Transform bedtime into a magical experience with our Dimmable Multifunctional Rechargeable Night Light. Perfect for kids' bedrooms, this rechargeable lamp combines practicality with enchanting features. The touch sensor allows for easy control, offering both dimmable warm white light and captivating RGB color-changing options. Create a cozy and soothing ambiance for bedtime stories or switch to vibrant colors for a playful atmosphere. This bedside table lamp is designed to bring comfort and joy to your child's nighttime routine.


  1. 360° Touch Control: Touch anywhere around the touch panel to change the brightness, color, or scene of the Bedside Lamp. The design of the top touch switch makes the luminaire greatly enhance its ease of operation, distinguishing it from ordinary table lamps. High-end, elegant lighting design that is both beautiful and functional. (Touch the panel for over 3 seconds to turn ON/OFF the light.)

  2. 3 Intensity Warm White Light: The Table Lamp includes 3 brightness levels of warm white light. Just tap the touch control panel to switch the light intensity (soft, medium, high), ideal for use as a bedside reading lamp, bedroom lamp, outdoor camping lights, etc.

  3. RGB Mode: Automatically cycle through RGB color combinations or select fixed colors (red, green, blue) to match your creative space, such as game rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and other occasions/events. The perfect gift for friends and kids.

  4. Rechargeable RGB Table Lamp: Built-in lithium battery with a USB charging port allows you to charge at any time, eliminating worries about power failure. The battery can last for 8 hours at the minimum brightness and 4 hours at the maximum brightness. LED Table Lamp is suitable for work, reading, learning, and other scenarios. It is easy to carry and does not take up space.


  • Type: Night Light Touch Sensor Lamp
  • Light Color: Dimmable Warm White and RGB Color Changing
  • Control: 360° Touch Sensor Panel for easy and intuitive operation
  • Power Source: Rechargeable battery with USB charging port
  • Material: Durable and child-friendly construction
  • Dimensions: Compact and suitable for bedside tables
  • Usage: Ideal for kids' bedrooms and bedtime routines
  • Charging Time: Quick recharge for continuous use
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours at minimum brightness, 4 hours at maximum brightness
  • Safety: Designed with child safety in mind for worry-free use

Enhance your child's bedtime routine with the Night Light Touch Sensor Lamp—a delightful and functional addition to their bedroom. Whether setting a calming ambiance for bedtime or creating a playful atmosphere with colorful lights, this rechargeable lamp is designed to bring joy and comfort to every night. Make bedtime a magical experience with this charming bedside table lamp.



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